Influencing Others In A Positive Way

Whether it’s ministry, interacting with friends or family, or just simply meeting people socially or in business, there are qualities that will successfully influence others in a positive, productive way. Below, you will find some common since things all of us must practice to be successful when meeting and greeting others. I assure you, if you follow these principles, you can be a much greater witness for the Lord.

10 Essential Qualities For Influencing Others In A Positive Way.

(or: The Simple Art Of Meeting & Greeting People)

1.  Have confidence and ease, which in turn makes others feel at ease with you. When you have confidence in yourself,others will have confidence in you!

2.  Carry authority and conviction in your voice.  Not only speak using proper grammar, but speak in such a way people can sense the authority of what you are saying.

3.  Establish trust and credibility, verbally and nonverbally. Non-verbal actions compliment what is spoken. Be consistent in what you say and do. Always dress neatly and appropriately.

4.  Be warm and enthusiastic. If a person wants friends, they must first show themselves friendly. Plus, they should have an enthusiastic, out-going personality. This is perhaps the single most important quality a person should have for influencing others in a positive way. So, smile and be friendly!

5.  Show empathy and concern.  Sympathize with the other person’s needs or problems.

6. Look at and pay attention when someone is talking to you. Don’t look away, act impatient, or glance around continuously. Use direct eye contact.

7. Maintain an upbeat, relaxed and confident attitude in every communicating situation. Develop good posture.Don’t be tense or up tight. Positively believe in what youare doing.

8. Maintain politeness, patience, and persistence to establish yourself as a successful positive influence!

9. REMEMBER: You only get ONE chance to make a good FIRST impression!

10. God gave us TWO ears and ONE mouth.  He expects us to do twice s much listening as talking!


“Think before you
act or speak.
Then, always act
or speak

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