Killer Questions To Ask A Biblical Evolutionist or Athiest

Three Killer Questions to Ask a Biblical Evolutionist
1. What part of a literal creation do you have the most trouble with?
2. Are you saying God couldn’t or didn’t create everything in six days?,
3. Can you show me a Scripture to support your position?

Questions to ask an atheist or humanist :
1. What do you mean by what you are saying?
2. How do you know what you are saying is true?
3. What difference does it make anyway? (so what!)
4. What if you are wrong?
5. What would you accept as evidence?

More Questions:
1. Is it impossible for the God of the Bible to exist? (If they answer “yes”, you ask, “How do you know it is impossible? Do you know everything?”)
2. Is it impossible for the Bible to be what it claims to be: a revelation from God?
3. Could the God of the Bible reveal himself in such a way that we are absolutely certain of his existence?
4. Could you be wrong about everything you think you know?

RELIGION : (As defined by Webster’s New World College Dictionary)
“Any object of conscientious regard and pursuit”
(As defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary and Thesaurus)
“A cause, principle or belief held to with faith and ardor {warmth of feeling}
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